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Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills™ is a dynamic course tailored to aid Scrum practitioners in cultivating a facilitator’s mentality, mastery in facilitation abilities, and understanding of the appropriate selection of efficacious techniques depending on different situations. Robust facilitation skills pave the way for enhanced problem resolution, more efficient Scrum gatherings, and heightened team synchrony, collectively contributing to superior results.

To be an agile organization, it is essential for top executives, mid-level managers, and members of agile teams to alter how they structure, manage, and assess their work. Agile teams cannot accomplish this transformation singlehandedly; it necessitates support from the whole organization. A shift in mindset and operational methods is imperative to enhance outcomes through the synchronization of objectives and workflows among all members.

In this single-day* proficiency enhancement course, attendees will acquire the skills to be more adept facilitators, thereby ameliorating their interactions with Scrum Teams, stakeholders, and clients. The emphasis will be on embracing facilitation as a posture and bolstering the Scrum Values. Through addressing an array of typical Scrum-associated situations, participants will employ a variety of facilitation tactics that can be integrated into their repertoire of agile methodologies. They will formulate and depart with a personalized facilitation “blueprint” geared towards refining their subsequent team dialogue or Scrum gathering.

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